samedi 19 octobre 2013

Developer Update #13 : Change log, soon on Desura...

Hello !

More than work on new levels or new features, I decided to fix some bugs and make improvements on existing levels. Here is the change-log :
  • You can't be bocked on walls anymore
  • Reworked all levels because of "in-wall detection" algorithm
  • Added automatic saves to prevent application crash
  • Orbs are now essential to go to the next level
  • When you die (because of a saw, or you fall down of the map), you'll have to take all the orbs again
  • You can choose the resolution of the game in the main menu
  • Finished the story line for the 70 first levels (and correct it)
  • Remove a button in the main menu
  • The text is rescaled according to the chosen resolution
  • Improved the main menu's picture
  • 9 different saves
  • Removed the debug texts
  • Added some translations to the game for the whole story
  • The game title on menu depends of the translation of the game
  • Removed lasts debug features
Main Menu

The game on Desura ?

Of course I plan to release the game on Desura. Because make between 150 and 200 levels would delay the release of the game, I will proceed like this :
  1. Release the game with the 70 first levels
  2. And release for free the lasts levels.
The game will be paying, but won't be at a prohibitive price. It will be around 1 or 2$. Updates are going to be completely free for whoever bought the game (and no in-app purchase).

5 different resolutions are available

What is planned now ?

First, correct the lasts bug before the official release. And after, here is some tasks it would be nice a finish quickly :
  • Let the music play when clicking on "Continue" button on the main menu
  • Add a pause menu
  • Control the main menu with keyboard
  • Add a "cinematic mode"
  • Translation of the main menu
  • Add language to the game
Here is a last picture for the end. I think it is useless to precise that I didn't survive...

- Odhexan (

dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Developer Update #12 : Power Ups !

Hi everybody !

First of all,  I was very happy that a few videos have been made about the game on YouTube. Although there is no one in english, here is a video made in Slovak, and the other one in french :

(Here, it begins at 8 minutes and 10 seconds)

Power Ups !

For now, there are two :

These two power-ups will change Xid's size, and consqeuntly your speed. You'll have to find a compromise between go through little ways but move slowly. Of course, if you take, for example, two power-ups that make you bigger, the effect will be applyed twice !

Working on the first Power Up idea

Player now have a real texture (and not simply a circle full of black anymore)

Here is the texture of Xid now (may change but really close from the definitive texture) :
I made this texture according to clues that some levels bring you in the story. I didn't make it randomly !

Now, save your progression !

The game can manage 6 saves (but I can easily add more slots in the future). You won't have to do the game entirely to get back where you stoped. And now, this is essential : some levels are really hard...

Save your progression !

The game's update are not as often as before, for the simple reason that now I have a lot of things that I have to do before continuing the game. But you can be sure that I'm always thinking of it and I make my best for it !

I noticed that the game reached 9200 visits. Thanks for everything !
See you soon for new updates, and I hope discover new and original power-ups !

- Odhexan (