mardi 30 juillet 2013

New infos, future changes on next release

Hi everybody !

After some days the third release is out, some changes are planned for the fourth release.

Xid's form will change

This is very important : Xid won't be a square, but will have a circle hitbox. That means he won't be all black in the future. This change clearly bring fluidity to the game. Some moves are going to be more intuitive. Moreover, it has given me a lot of idea for the next level, to be definitely more fun to play (and first levels may be subject to some changes).

Some levels are going to be reworked

Because Xid will have a circle shape, some levels need a lifting to be more precise on terrain collision for example. Moreover some levels like level 30 - the last level of the last release - are too hard as I thought (it's true that sometimes I spend a lot of time some levels, to much time...).

Because of all of this, next release won't contain new levels, be all this improvement. I hope to deliver it soon.

Thank you for the support you bring to the game. Last time, the game raised top 100 : it was 53rd !

- Odhexan

mardi 23 juillet 2013

New video, posted on Steam Greenlight as a concept

Hello !

A new video has been released on YouTube. Here it is :

It present a new feature, that will be available on Chapter 4.
Chapter 4's name will be : "The Hanging Gardens". You will meet for the first time The Guardian of Divinities. You'll have to progress in the game to discover what this "monster" is.

 Steam Greenlight

The project has been release on Steam Greenlight as a concept. It means that for the moment, the game can't be on Steam, but you can vote for it or send feedback.

Don't hesitate to follow me on Twitter at @odhexan ! I tweet all article I post on IndieDB, Steam, YouTube or whatever.

- Odhexan

mercredi 10 juillet 2013

Release of the end of Chapter 2 : The Forest

Hi everybody !

Arriving release

I recently finished some levels, and I wanted to share at this occasion the end of Chapter 2 : The Forest.
At the end of this chapter, you will find some new mechanics landscapes. This is the begining of Chpater 3 : Technologic. You can find the MP3 soundtrack of Chapter 3 : Technologic on IndieDB, on tab "Videos".

I will make my possible to make saves. I'm sure you will get bored if you have to restart all the game at each update !

Chapter 2 : The Forest is going to be online on the next hour. It will add 7 levels : the last 5 levels of Chapter 2 : The Forest, and the two first of Chapter 3 : Technologic.

What am I currently working on ?

I'm working on the music of next chapter, before continue to create more levels.

More info ?

In Chapter 3 : Technologic, the time travel has been added.
At the end of the chapter, you will discover a turning point of the history (a information I think you won't guess before you reach this point).

The Story Of Xid : First 15 levels - Odhexan

mardi 9 juillet 2013

New screenshot !

Hello everyone !

I finished level 29  (this is the biggest level I have ever made : around 2.5 time bigger than the others) and I wanted to share one level picture, less far in game (around level 20). I hope you'll love !

- Odhexan

The game is now on IndieDB

Hello everyone !

The game has just been posted on IndieDB. Here is the link to the game :

The Story Of Xid

Moreover here is the link of the 15 first levels in English (because that was the french version in the first post).

Enjoy and have fun with this begining of game !

Link to the English version :

lundi 8 juillet 2013

Initial release

Hello everybody !

My name is Alex Daubois (you can also find me as Odhexan on Internet) and I am a french game maker. I practice C/C++ since 4 years. Today I present my second "real" game. My first was a game were you have to change your gravity to reach the end.

I present you my game named "The Story Of Xid". This is a platformer game. The particularity is that the levels are blacks in foreground and possess beautilful backgrounds with many colors !
The goal of the game is to discover the story of Xid. In fact, each level finished give you access to the next level. On each level there is a sentence who's telling you the story, why the world you go through is like that, etc.

I share a music I composed for the game too :

This is the first game I entirely made : programmation, music, and graphics.

Controls are simple : left and right arrows to move. That's all !
I hope you'll enjoy the game ! And here is a first download link of the first 15 levels : This is the french link ! To get the English version, take a look in the second article.

See you soon !