mardi 27 août 2013

Chapter 5 is nearly done

Hi everyone !

Levels will be bigger !

In this chapter, levels are going to be bigger than the others. That's why it's been a week since last update : levels are much longer to create because of their big size. For the smallest level, it's about 2 time bigger than the firsts levels. It lets more possibility of gameplay, and levels longer to be finished.

What's the limit of levels' size ?

The biggest levels that I could create have a resolution of 4096*4096 pixels. The limit is because of the hardware limitation. My graphic card can support a picture of a maximum of 4096*4096 pictures. It's not too old, it's a nVidia GT630M. And I would like to make the game works on most of the computers. And a picture of 4096*4096 is really huge ! I think I'll create a benchmark software that let you know if you can run the game or not (for this type of problem).

Screenshots from Chapter 5, Second Part : The Dreaming Caves

Chapter 5 - Cropped picture of levels 46 and 47 
Cropped picture from level 46 Chapter 5 - Cropped picture of levels 46 and 47 
Cropped picture from level 47

Levels are all big, contains big spaces to move ! And sometime you'll have to think a little more to take all the orbs !

What about Chapter 6 ?

I won't reveal where Chapter 6 takes place, but here is a clue : the levels' gravity will be a little bit different because of water. As I said :
The Story of Xid will – I hope – contains between 150 and 200 levels (for a good lifetime).— Odhexan (@odhexan) August 21, 2013
So the game will have few hours of gameplay with 150-200 levels. In general, people makes the first 30 levels in 20-25 minutes. I am currently thinking of the death of the player. Moreover, maybe you won't have to take all the orbs to go to the next level. But the one who takes all the orbs will unlock special content. It's a supposition, but I really like this idea. See you next time !

samedi 17 août 2013

News about Chapter 4 and 5

Hello everybody !

What about Chapter 4 ?

Chapter 4 is completely done ! The ten parts of this chapter are done. I remember you that a teaser about Chapter 4 is out : 


So the next chapter, the fifth, will be in two little parts. If I don't do this, Chapter 5 will be too short, and the two parts haven't too many atmosphere differences. This parts are named :
  1. Chapter 5, First Part : The Loophole
  2. Chapter 5, Second Part : The Dreaming Caves
Four levels are done for this chapter. It contains the biggest level I ever made :

Chapter 5, Second Part : The Dreaming Caves 
The biggest level 

I'm sure that I will make some other levels of this size, and maybe bigger ! I really hope that, because it's more fun to play ! And it makes more possibilities of gameplay. 

About Android version

I didn't worked on it last days, because I want to progress on computer version. But it won't be too difficult to adapt what I'm doing now. 

Chapter 5 Soundtrack

The soundtrack of Chapter 5 is out too, you can hear it here !

See you soon for more infos and news !

dimanche 11 août 2013

Tease for Chapter 4 : The Forgotten Gardens

Hi !

Here is some new tease from Chapter 4 : a gameplay video.

And the soundtrack of this chapter. I hope you will enjoy it !

mardi 6 août 2013

Screenshots from Chapter 4

Hi, here is some new screenshots from Chapter 4 : The Forgotten Gardens. I hope you'll love them !

In the second screenshot, this is the first level where you'll meet the Guardian of Divinities. It's not just a black smoke who's hunting you. This is a important character of the story.

lundi 5 août 2013

The Story Of Xid might be released on Android system

Hello everybody !

Next version

First of all, next version will be released soon. Xid will be a circle shape in this version. If you have any comment about the new gameplay, don't hesitate to share it.
Some levels have been reworked, mostly on the graphic side. Some collision have been reworked too, to give a best impression because you're a ball.
Levels like the number 30 saw their orbs' place change. It changes a lots of thing, and make the levels easier when they were to hard.

Android Development


I "said" it on my last tweet. I'm testing the possibility to make the game on Android system. For the moment, there is nothing new compared to the computer version. Only 7 levels are implemented with physics. No release date is decide.
I hope before the end of August.

For both of platform.

I'll post new infos on my twitter, the small info who can't be on IndieDB or devblog.