lundi 16 septembre 2013

Developer Update #11 : Graphics get better with new details !

Hello everyone ! First of all, I remember that a new trailer video is out, with some screenshots about the underwater chapter. Here are they:


New picture from the Abyssal Chapter !  The Abyssal Sanctuary : A Divinity's Memory


New game-play feature on Sanctuaries !

You'll learn that you'll have to find some sanctuaries for reasons that are explained in the scenario. The aura of sanctuaries will give you some special power : you will have the ability the change the gravity's direction. That is the first change. You have to be very agile on some levels, to go through the circular saws. I don't hide that some levels are a little bit hard to finish... But I'm sure that it will delight a lots of player.

The 62th map, with the graphics details 

Saw are very present. They add a difficulty on the game, and you have to be very agile at some point of levels.

A second important point is: each time you die because of a saw for example, you lost all your orbs you took on the current levels, and they respawn. I'm not decided of the obligation to take all the orbs to go to the next level. For the moment, the game's lifetime is about 40-45 minutes, when you have to take all the orbs. If you “speedrun” the game, I'm sure it goes under 15 minutes. I make my possible to make the levels more and more original and pleasing to the eye. To reach this goal, I had some new details in levels graphics (as you can see on the 62th level above).

New demo !

Oh, don't forget to check the download section in the next hours, the new demo is now out ! 40 levels, and Xid as a ball ! When you did the 40 levels, you return to the first level. C key to respawn, and unfortunately no save feature for the moment. It's coming !

 - Odhexan (

samedi 7 septembre 2013

Developper Update #10

Hi everybody, welcome to the 10th developer update! Last weeks, I worked hard on the end of Chapter 5 and... new features available on Chapter 6!

Chapter 6: Info and new features

First of all, a video will be post soon, either Friday or Saturday. In this video will be levels from all chapters, including Chapter 6: The Abyssal Sanctuary. Well, I finally reveal the name of this chapter. So, I had to create some graphic features, like the bubbles going upward. It is a little feature, but really important for immersion.

Well, here aren't bubbles... but in game, there are ! 

Another feature I would like to introduce is the circular-saw. It has the same effect as the saw in the game BADLAND (for iOS). It kills you. I noticed that the last leves are more and more difficult. It will delight the people who found (and they are right) the first to easy. Here is an array, giving you the time for one new player to reach the end of the levels, giving you the chapter number beside the time to give you an idea of the difficulty progression:

Some levels are simply ignored like the levels with the Guardian of Divinities: they are intentionally short. You have to think more now! At some moments, you will maybe have the sensation to be in a puzzle game. That's what I want you to feel on some parts of game, more than look the screens scrolling. If you want to know of what the saw looks like, I posted a picture on IndieDB.

That's gotta hurt

Be warned that a new demo will soon be released with 40 levels. It's called “The Circular Release”, because of the new shape of Xid. Concerning the music, it looks like the third chapter's music: it is intentional. But it sounds obviously more... underwater.

 Chapter 6 - Soundtrack part - Indie DB

See you soon for the new video and for new updates ! 

- Odhexan (